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Keep children’s heads and necks warm

In addition to keeping the core of the body warm, a great deal of heat can be lost from the head and neck areas. Keep your children snug with a warm non-itchy hat. Choose a fleece lined hat for extra warmth and comfort.

Hats with earflaps are really popular with children just now – that’s great news for parents as you know that your child’s ears and neck will be kept warm. Balaclavas are a great solution and can be used under ski helmets too.

In low winter temperatures, keeping the neck and shoulders warm helps maintain overall body heat so it’s worth looking at how a jacket or snowsuit is finished around the neck. The zip, popper and flap detailing on our winter clothing is designed specifically for active children and the fabric on the inside is soft on the neck and chin.

A neck warmer or chub is a great fashion accessory but at the same time is a safe way of wearing a scarf. Plus it can be worn as an ear warmer or pulled up over the nose to protect the nose, chin and mouth on really cold days.

Top tip when buying a hat for tiny ones and toddlers: choose a hat with a comfy chin strap so they don’t keep pulling the hat off.

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