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Children’s mittens and gloves

Nothing is so guaranteed to make a child's day miserable than cold hands! Fortunately, there are plently of options to make sure that kids hands stay snug and warm, even when the weather takes a truly Scandinavian turn!

Waterproof, fleece lined mittens are ideal for wet and cold days. For added warmth, add a pair of the wool-based magic mittens as a liner. Reflective piping trim which shows up on those dark afternoons when walking home from school is a great idea - most of our gloves have these.

Other details to consider are Velcro fastenings which make mitts easy to put on, and ties that hold the mitts together so that they don’t get separated or lost - our Viking mitts are a great example.

Older children often prefer the flexibility of gloves rather than mittens. Look for water-resistance, and breathability, along with padding and fleece lining - our Linden glove for example.

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