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Moccasins - ideal holiday footwear


Our  traditional Nowali moccasins from Sweden are versatile holiday footwear for babies and young childrenMoccasins - ideal holiday footwear

Our traditional Nowali moccasins from Sweden are versatile holiday footwear for babies and young children - perfect for travelling and wearing in your holiday accommodation.

With sizes starting from 3-6 months, these leather soled, hand sown moccasins are perfect for holiday travel. They're easy to carry in a handbag or rucksack then pop on little ones feet in the car or on a plane or train for the journey. Once on holiday, the moccasins non-slip soles are super for inside a caravan, tent or holiday house - especially if there's a risk of slipping on wooden or marble tiled floors.

Take a look at what customers are saying about our Nowali moccasins:

Very happy tiny feet
They are really great quality and my son is very happy in them. They stay on well and he's used them indoors and out. I'll be buying the next size up!
Cecilia B

Fabulous bright and they stayed on
As every mum knows babies and shoes don't go well together and I always end up with a box full of odd shoes. In the winter months I'm always worried her little feet would get cold, these moccasins are perfect, not once have they fallen off and her feet have been lovely and toasty warm.
Joanna G

Swirly Flowers Moccasins
Lovely item, perfect for my 14 month old, keeps her feet warm, she falls/slips over less when wearing them & they are harder to take off than socks!

Great little slippers
My little man is 3 in absolutely loves these slippers, they have traffic lights on them so red for stop and green for go! Mummy wise I also think they're great, stay on brilliantly, don't slip on the laminate and keep him nice and cosy.
Heather D

Butterfly Moccasins
Beautiful pair of moccasins, lovely colour and pattern
Valerie V

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