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Swimtastic Swimcoach from Sweden


Swimtastic Swimcoach from SwedenSwimtastic Swimcoach from Sweden

A simple yet brilliant Swedish idea, combining a flotation aid with a swimsuit. Designed to help small children learn to swim naturally, the Swimcoach gives them confidence in the water and assists swimming skills.

Swimcoach comes in four bright and vibrant colours which makes your child stand out in the pool or on the beach. They come in 2 sizes - 2-4 years and 4-6 years and are made from chlorine resistant fabric which is easy to clean and quick to dry.

Swimcoach is really comfy to wear with flexible built-in flotation pads, front and back, and integral shorts to prevent the floats from rising up. So many customers say that Swimcoach is so much better than using a ring or armbands, because the are not too bulky and they give your child added confidence allowing them to learn more speedily.

My daughter loved her Swimcoach and one of the many things I really liked about it, was that she would wear it on the beach when playing in the sand with her friends. It just gave me that extra bit of reassurance to know that she had her flotation aid on at all times. The bright pink colour also made her easy to spot - hard to miss her actually! I remember she went to a swimming party with children of all different ages– she must have been 4 years old at the time and she was trying hard to keep up with her older friends. Again, it just gave me and her that extra bit of confidence, knowing she had her Swimcoach on. She was keen to jump in the pool along with the other children which she could do wearing her Swimcoach.

Obviously, Swimcoach is not a life vest, it is a flotation aid, so children must be supervised at all times and should never be left close to water unattended.

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A few recent customer reviews:

We love the Swimcoach
"My daughter is 2 years old, and when wearing the swimcoach her confidence in the water is boosted greatly. It fully enabled her to participate more in the water without having to be held by myself or my husband, which was tiring for us but very restricting for her."
Natasha C gave a 5 star rating

Excellent Item
"Used it several times and my son loved the flexibility with it instead of bulky armbands."
Angela D gave a 5 star rating