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It's Snowing - let's play


It's snowing! Let's go out and play

It's snowing! Let's go out and play

When you open the curtains in the morning and see snow on the ground, what goes through your mind? Snowy fun with the kids, or another headache with which to deal?

Faced with a snowy landscape in the morning, are you a parent who jumps up and down with joy and can’t wait to get outside with your children – OR are you a parent who opens the curtains, quickly closes them with a sigh and a groan and thinks of all the wet clothes, cold feet, moaning children and the inconvenience and disruption that snow can cause? Tricky - but Raindrops has the answer!

As the saying goes, there is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing. If you and your children get togged up from head to toe in the right clothes, then playing in the snow will be great fun - I promise! As we get snow so seldom, playing in the snow with your children will be one of those moments in time you will always remember.

Start with a good thermal base layer – merino wool for me and my children everytime. Toasty warm merino leggings and a long sleeved merino vest, which are soft and snug against the skin, and as merino is breathable, you can be energetic and build a big snowman without feeling clammy. We have thermals for all ages and for extra sensitive skins types too.

Take a look at:
Unisex merino wool thermal setextra fine girls merino thermal top

Here's what one customer has said about a recent merino wool vests and leggings on 18/11/14:

"Excellent quality and friendly helpful service. I bought similar vests last year and know that my little granddaughter will remain warm and cosy through the winter months."

Add a warm mid layer fleece, micro fleece or cosy jumper on top of your base layer, then a snowsuit or warm padded trousers and jacket. The snow is slushy, then put on some waterproofs trousers or waterproof dungarees over your padded layer. Otherwise fleece lined waterproofs are just brilliant for keeping you warm and dry in wet snowy conditions.

For example:
Fleece jacketOcean waterproof trousers
Fleece-lined all in one suit

Finish off with a balaclava or a warm hat that covers your ears. Waterproof gloves or mittens, and if it is really cold then layer up with a pair of magic mitts as a base layer. For warm feet, a pair of welly socks (wool based are the best) and for slushy, wet snow, fleece lined and neoprene wellies are the best for children. There is nothing worse than frozen feet . For proper dry snow then warm lined snowboots will keep your feet toasty warm.

Some ideas:
Max winter hatNeoprene wellies

Now you should be all set for some fun in the snow. Get out your sledge or if you can’t find it, a thick black bin liner will do and go sledging.

For the little ones, get out the bucket and spade and start digging a snow garden - add twigs, leaves, reeds, berries , pebbles and shells – whatever you can find to make a pretty garden in the snow. Or make a load of snowballs and pile them high to make a beautiful snow piece of art.

Here’s to having lots of fun in the snow.

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