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Raindrops’ top tips for choosing rainwear


Raindrops’ top tips for choosing rainwearRaindrops’ top tips for choosing rainwear

Here at Raindrops, we’ve been supplying Scandinavian rainwear to families, schools and nurseries for over eighteen years. With so much choice these days from the good, the bad and the ugly, we’re often asked for advice about what to look for when buying waterproofs for children. Read on for our top tips!

  1. Check out the fabric – is it phalates free and does it have an oko-tex certificate. If these issues are of importance to you, then this is the first thing to look out for when buying rainwear.
  2. Make sure the fabric is soft and comfy to wear.
  3. Buy a size that will allow your child to wear a fleece underneath the rainwear shell on those colder days.
  4. Look for reflective strips on jackets and trouser/dungarees – help your child be seen and be safe.
  5. Children don’t like ‘squeaky’ rainwear – you know the type of rainwear that you can hear coming!
  6. Hoods are useful – so make sure it is a functional hood.
  7. Machine washable rainwear is a plus!
  8. Make sure the rainwear has a minimum water column of 3,000m

To find out more, read Raindrops guides to children’s rainwear in our Ask Raindrops section.