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Staying warm this winter – Scandinavian style


Staying warm this winter – Scandinavian styleStaying warm this winter – Scandinavian style

Having returned from a recent trip to Northern Sweden, I was reminded of the origins of the saying ‘there is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing’.

Although it was really cold (-22°c!) it was a joy to see so many children and parents wrapped up warm and having fun outside. So how do you keep warm in those extreme weather conditions?

Layering is the key and the base layer is the most important of all. Invest is good thermals - long sleeved T-shirt and leggings. Merino wool is my favourite, as it is soft against the skin and regulates the body temperature, so you don’t feel sweaty. Add a cosy fleece or micro fleece as the mid layer and finish off with a good quality comfy wind/waterproof snowsuit or ski jacket/salopettes.

Keeping the extremities warm can be more of a challenge especially for young children, so again the same layering technique applies. For the hands, start off with a wool based mitten/glove and then a warm thinsulate-lined pair for the outer layer. Mittens are warmer than gloves as a rule. I always carry a few heat pads in my pocket just in case!

For warm feet, start with a wool base sock followed by a cosy, fleecy welly boot sock. Then depending how cold it is, a pair of snowboot or fleece lined wellies. Sheepskin insoles are a good idea too.

And finally head gear - I recommend a balaclava as a base layer which covers the ears and neck too and go for fleece or merino wool , followed by a warm fleece lined hat that covers the ears. A neck chub is useful and can also double up as a face mask on those icy windy days and makes a good hand muff too.

So wrap up warm and get outside!

Nikki Horne
A Scandinavian mum and owner of Raindrops