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Magic Merino Wool Thermals


Magic Merino Wool ThermalsMagic Merino Wool Thermals

Often when we mention thermals, people have a picture in their mind of a rather unattractive thick vest and long Johns that their granny used to wear. Our merino wool thermals from Denmark are nothing like that! If you have never worn thermals before or dressed your children in them, you really should give them a go. If you have never tried merino wool thermals, boy you’re in for a treat!

You don’t need to wait for the first snow to fall to dig out your thermals! I live in them from September through to April! The merino wool is so incredibly soft against your skin, is breathable too and responds to changes in your body temperature, so it keeps you warm when it's cold and cool when it's warm. Ideal to wear inside and outside in the winter. You don’t need to wash merino wool as much as you would products made from man-made fibres.

In Scandinavia, at this time of year, no child would leave the house in the morning for school without wearing thermals. I know it’s much colder over there, but with our bitter and damp winters here in Britain, thermals are just as important to help keep the cold out and the warmth in.

At Raindrops, we have thermal base layers and underwear to suit children of all agesplus adult sizes too. Thermals keep babies and toddlers snug and warm when sitting in buggies or prams and not moving around much. For young children and teenagers, thermal leggings and tops are the ideal base layer for school days and play days – the walk to school, playing in the snow, a ski trip or wearing under PE kit. Merino wool thermals can double up as PJ’s on those really bitter nights. Whatever you do with your thermals, they become a second skin that you and your children never want to be without – truly one of the best investments you’ll make in clothing this year.

Go on, try out merino wool thermals and enjoy a warmer winter this year!

Nikki Horne, owner of Raindrops