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Top tips for a stress-free family ski trip


Top tips for a stress-free family ski tripTop tips for a stress-free family ski trip

As the half term holidays approach and many families prepare for their annual ski trip, we asked Nikki to jot down her top tips for a successful and stress free family ski trip. Based on personal experience, here is some practical advice on ski kit packing lists to getting your children on the slopes without any tears.

What to pack

Top tip - Don’t over pack!
As long as you have the right ski kit for the slopes that is all that matters. Apres Ski is very easy - leggings, thermals and t-shirts

Ski kit for the slopes:

  • Thermal long sleeved T-shirt x 2. My preference is merino wool thermals every time.
  • Thermal leggings x 1
  • Mid layer – Fleece x1 Ski suit or ski jacket and salopettes x 1. Make sure it is water repellent and breathable.
  • Neck chub x1. (Can double up as a face mask, so a soft and fleecy fabric is the best)
  • Balaclava x1 ( to wear under a ski helmet)
  • Ski mittens or ski gloves x 2 (one set will no doubt get wet, so always have a spare pair!)
  • Warm wool hat for playing in the snow after skiing
  • Magic wool mittens x 1 (to wear under ski gloves if really cold)
  • 2 x pairs of ski socks
  • Snow boots
  • Ski goggles
  • High factor sun screen and lip salve
  • Mini Mars bars – or equivalent
  • Swimming costume – just incase the weather is too awful to ski
  • Pack of cards (always handy to have if the restaurants are busy and you have to wait a while for your food to arrive)

If you still have some ski kit to get take a look at our skiwear range - currently with 25% off.

For the grown ups

  • Pack a nice scented candle and spoiling bath oil for when you are relaxing in the bath after a hard ski!
  • Travel Backgammon or Scrabble for when the children are in bed
  • A good book.

Day 1: Getting your children on to the slopes

Once you have got your children kitted out for a day on the slopes - I can assure you that is the worst part of the day over! Putting skiwear and ski boots on for the first time can be hellish!

Top tip - it is a lot easier to put ski boots on if they have been put somewhere warm before hand.

They are easier to put on if your child is standing up.Get dressed somewhere out of a draft and somewhere roomy and dry under foot.

Top Tip – involve your child in their own dressing.

Encourage them to learn at an early age, the importance of thermals first, then fleece and last the ski suit. Make them responsible for their own ski kit. Teach them at an early age to help carry their kit, even if it is only the one pole!

Next Blog...........check back for some top tips for taking your children to ski school or out on the slopes for the first time