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Families hit the slopes this half term


Taking your children on the slopesFamilies hit the slopes this half term

If you're heading for the ski slopes this half term, there's bound to be lots of excitement in your home this week as you get ready for the off! One big decision for first time family skiers is whether to enrol your children into Ski School, or take them out on the slopes yourself. Here are some pointers to help you choose.

Ski School

Whether your child is off to ski school or if you are going to do the ski lessons yourself – patience and a sense of humour is the key!

Most children have a great time at ski school – and if they cry when you leave them for the first time, I wouldn’t worry too much as it is amazing how quickly they get into the lessons and start to enjoy themselves. The ski instructors are very experienced.

Top tip – make sure the ski instructor can speak good English!

Taking your children on the slopes

If you are the ski coach, then be prepared for a bit of a hard time at first! Your child will cry and get cross with you and fall over lots and blame you for everything!

Top Tip – make sure they have plenty of small breaks.

Stop and watch other little children whizz by, as this is a great boost to confidence. Pop in for a hot chocolate now and again at the start. Don’t let them get cold. Always have a few mini chocolate bars to hand for when their energy levels are low. Stop for a yummy lunch.

Make it as FUN as you possibly can. If there is a snow storm and the conditions are bad, I always think it is better to take time out and go back to the chalet and have some fun family time together. Or take them off swimming instead of skiing. When you are new at skiing, fine weather skiing is a better option than skiing in a storm.

Hope these few tips help make you have a wonderful ski trip this half term. Enjoy!

Nikki Horne, Raindrops
mother of two teenage boarders and one skier!