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Top tips: children’s winter clothing

“Over the years, we’re often asked how best to kit out children for winter. There have been some amazing developments in high tech, high performance materials in recent years – gone are the days when keeping warm meant really bulky clothing that restricted children’s movement. Technology doesn’t have all the answers though as some of the finest, natural materials always perform brilliantly. Here are a few of our top tips for children’s winter clothing”

Nikki Horne
Director and mother of three

1. Dress your children in layers

We find that dressing children in layers is the best way to keep them comfortable all day long – cool when they are running around and warm when less active. Layers give you and your children the greatest flexibility – it’s easy to add or remove a layer when conditions or activities change. Each layer has a different job to do. Read more about layering>

2. Keep your kids warm to the core with Merino wool clothing

For babies, toddlers and children alike, keeping the core body at a comfortable temperature makes for a happy child! An effective thermal base layer is key and Merino wool is a superb natural insulator that keeps children warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot. Merino wool breathes, helps regulate body temperature and is soft on the skin. Read more about Merino wool>

Hats and scarves reduce heat loss through kids heads and necks3. Avoid heat loss through head and neck

In addition to keeping the core of the body warm, it is important to keep a child's head and neck warm as a great deal of heat can be lost from these areas. Read our guide to hats, scarves and more>

4. Keep hands cosy

Nothing is so guaranteed to make a child's day miserable than cold hands! There’s plenty of choice with children’s mittens and gloves - waterproof, fleece, wool and high performance fabrics in mittens and gloves. Read more>

5. Invest in the right footwear

Snug feet = happy child = relaxed parent! Thick-soled, non-skid tread, waterproof and breathable snowboots or thermal-lined wellies are a super investment to keep little toes snug. A winning combination when worn with warm socks or moccasins. Find out more>

Choose kids winter clothing to allow room for layers underneath6. Allow room to move

Choose non-bulky winter clothing made from high tech polyester with a warm thermal lining – our winter jackets, dungarees and snowsuits allow freedom of movement and are approved to withstand a chill factor of -15°C.

7. Choose the size by your child’s age

Winter clothing, skiwear and snowsuits for children needs to be generously sized to allow plenty of room for layers of clothing underneath. So it's important when ordering to be clear about the size that corresponds to your child’s current age. At Raindrops, the ages we give beside each product are accurate for an average sized child, but we encourage you to get in touch if you have any questions about sizing for your child. See our size guide>