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What is water column?

Water column is the way of measuring the water proofness in a fabric or a garment. When choosing rainwear for your children (and yourselves), it is worth looking at the water column rating to see if it meets your needs. We asked our good friend, Johan, at Abeko in Sweden to explain water column for us:

"From the start the way of measuring water column was actually to place a glass pipe on the fabric and fill it with water.The more water in the pipe, the higher pressure. Hence the measuring unit is in mm, the number of millimetres of water in the pipe the fabric can withstand before it starts to leak."

Historically Abeko have always said that 2000mm is the limit a fabric must withstand to say it is waterproof,and Johan still sticks to that opinion. But in recent years there have been significant developments in technology to produce garments with a water column measurement of 3000mm, 5000mm, 8000mm and even 10000mm.

In Abeko's product range there's a balance of waterproofing, breathability and affordability achieved through constant research and development into breathable coatings for the fabrics used in the Abeko range.