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Why Scandinavian: How Raindrops began

“It started 18 years ago with my first child Robert and our Labrador, Duke – both very active and in need of plenty of exercise, no matter what the weather. Living in the country, surrounded by fields, mud and puddles, I couldn’t find waterproofs to keep my son warm and dry. I reverted to my family roots in Finland and asked for help.

My aunt came to the rescue and sent me the most amazing waterproof dungarees and jacket which were admired by family, friends and fellow dog walkers. Everyone wanted the same as Robert was wearing and that’s how our family business Raindrops Scandinavia began.”

Nikki Horne, Raindrops Director (and mother of three children)

Simplicity, Style, Quality, Durability

We believe in the Scandinavian values of simplicity, style, quality and durability. Scandinavians are known for their love of the outdoors and their resilience in coping with harsh weather conditions. The companies we work with create children's clothes that are thoughtfully designed, expertly made using high quality fabrics and, perhaps above all, durable to withstand the amount of time children play outdoors.

Tried and tested by children themselves, we are delighted to share our passion for Scandinavian clothing with you and your children as well as the many schools, nurseries and forest schools using Raindrops waterproofs and wellies around the country.