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Winter wisdoms...wear layers of clothing

We find that dressing children in layers is the best way to keep them comfortable all day long – cool when they are running around and warm when less active.

Layers give you and your children the greatest flexibility – it’s easy to add or remove a layer when conditions or activities change. Each layer has a different job to do:

The base layer: this is the important next-to-skin layer. It’s the layer that manages moisture so thermal vest/top and leggings should be a close fit to help moisture to wick away from the skin through to the next layer and eventually to evaporate. Wool or polyester is the ideal base layer, avoid pure cotton as it is very porous and generally holds more moisture so does not easily wick away. Take a look at Raindrops Merino wool tops and leggings>

The mid layer: this is the insulation layer protecting us from the cold. Air is trapped between layers which keeps heat in. One or more mid-layers of micro fleece are effective with a good weight to warmth ratio to keep children warm without the clothes feeling bulky. See Raindrops micro-fleece clothing>

The shell or outer layer: this layers job is to protect us from the wind and rain. To allow the layers below to work most efficiently, good quality waterproof jackets and trousers must be breathable so that the moisture from the base and mid layers can escape or ‘wick’ away and evaporate. Choose from Raindrops range of waterproof, breathable rainwear